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monitorizare flota prin gps

REAL TIME MONITORING by internet offers dispatchers the possibility to locate on the map all their company vehicles, view all the tickets and subscriptions issued in a period of time and their prices, manage vehicles by knowing all the technical details and mileage, documents expiring dates, supplies etc. with only one software.

Also, the number of passengers can be monitored, on any route or time of day. This way, the leaving hours and number of vehicles on certain routes can be adjusted to match the customer’s needs.

Optional, a surveillance system can be installed, allowing live footage from inside and outside vehicle to be viewed by internet, also recorded on a local drive, to enhance security and safe during transport.

All the above information automatically generate detailed reports about:

  • Profit;
  • Passenger number control;
  • Subscription and ticketing;
  • Insurance, vignette;
  • Periodic technical inspections;
  • Alerts about route deviations, speeding, early starts, delays, etc.

Our software offers mobility, allowing access on smartphones or tablets, and is customizable for each client.

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